Our GrowPods™


GrowSpace Storage™ includes leasing options for their world-class GrowPods™, which have been designed to be effective for every stage of the agricultural process—all within one efficient, integrated solution.


The GrowPod’s empower urban cultivators to grow, harvest and store their produce in an environment with the optimal temperature, airflow and humidity, which eliminates mold and containment issues. The conditions for each stage of crop development can be controlled on-site or remotely from anywhere in the world using Grow Space Storage’s secure app. The GrowPod environment is enhanced by the latest LED lighting solutions that produce phenomenal results, with a very low heat footprint, which almost eliminates the potential for plant damage, via excessive heat.  


The GrowPods have been engineered to be the safest and most reliable growing solution for consumers.  



Our GrowPods are available in two sizes:


All-in-One Standard GrowPods

Our Standard GrowPods are a roomy 16 square feet (4’ by 4’). Each Pod has its own environmental control station located outside of the unit to maximize grow space. Each room is equipped with an irrigation system, adjustable ventilation, power supply, Black Dog LED grow lights, and climate control. Additionally, we have equipped each GrowPod with wireless speakers to play music proven to increase the growth rate of crops.


All-in-One Mini GrowPods
For farmers who require less space, our Mini GrowPods are 8 square feet (4’ by 2’). Each Mini GrowPod shares the same technology as our Standard GrowPods, including an irrigation system, adjustable ventilation, power supply, T5  grow lights, and climate control.



All in One Standard Pods All in One Mini Pods
Dimensions 4 feet x 4 feet x 10 feet 4 feet x 2 feet x 4 feet
Total Space 160 cubic feet 28 cubic feet
Climate Controlled Yes Yes
Adjustable Ventilation and Refresh Rate Yes Yes
Power Supply 5 outlets 2 outlets
Irrigation System Yes Yes
Built-in water tank Yes No
LED Grow Lights Yes T5 Lighting
Two stages grow capacity Yes No
Wireless Speakers for Music Yes No


Our friendly staff can help you determine which Pod size is right for you and your growing needs.