GrowSpace Storage™ was formed to meet a new, but powerful need in the Urban Cultivation, harvesting and storage space.

Our first facility was launched in early 2014 and is expected to be at full capacity in the early summer of 2015.  At that point, we plan on expanding to other cities in both Colorado and around the nation.   GrowSpace is truly out-in-front of a serious need in the market.   The opportunities for expansion continue to grow every month.


GrowSpace is not just focused on being the first Personal Ecosystems in commercial environments.  We are focused on offering the Best in Class Personal Ecosystems for decades to come.   


Safest Solution for Individuals.  Safest Solution for Neighborhoods & Communities.  Safest Solution for Towns, Cities and States.



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GrowSpace Consulting:

Turnkey roadmap solutions for current storage facilities or brand new accommodations.


  • Strategy
  • Site Selection
  • Build out Scope
  • Code Compliance
  • Management Protocols
  • Grow Compliance
  • Waste-water management
  • IPM management
  • HVAC and Odor Controls
  • City-wide Advocacy
  • Marketing/Education for Residents