Benefits of Urban Cultivation


01 Feb Benefits of Urban Cultivation

At GrowSpace™ Storage, we often explain the benefits of urban cultivation to interested customers. When we share the benefits, they are thrilled to join in our community to make a positive impact in the community and for their families.

So, what are the benefits? We put them into three categories: environmental, social, and nutritional.

  • Environmental Benefits

Did you know that 21% of all carbon emissions in the United States are food related? Urban agriculture actually helps decrease these emissions. Sourcing food locally decreases emissions by eliminating the transportation miles (the journey from farm to plate). And because urban agriculture can exist on rooftops, vacant land, and buildings that might otherwise be abandoned or underutilized, it helps with reduce noise pollution and particulate matter in the air.

  • Social Benefits

When people come together for a common purpose, community relationships become stronger. Through urban cultivation in America, communities have come together through shared responsibility. In addition to providing cohesion and food security to low-income communities, urban cultivation also has economic benefits. The return on investment (ROI) for urban agriculture is impressive! Studies show that every $1 invested returns $6 in produce.

  • Nutritional Benefits

We have heard of comparing apples to oranges, but what about comparing apples to apples? Some apples are better for you than others! Because of nutrient degradation, the sooner you eat the produce, the more vitamins you get. This makes locally sourced food healthier, as it doesn’t sit in cold storage or travel long distances. Additionally, those who participate in urban agriculture engage in physical activity to do so. And because they grow them, they are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables.




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