About Us

GrowSpace Storage™ is the world’s first indoor urban grow, cultivation, and storage facility.
GrowSpace Storage empowers people to grow and harvest their choice of organic food, medicine or recreational crops in a state-of-the-art integrated agriculture facility. Our staff is comprised of master growers and seasoned industry professionals who provide a vast resource of knowledge and experience to our community of growers.


Our Purpose
GrowSpace Storage believes indoor urban farming is the wave of the future, and that everyone should have access to a safe, local community of urban farmers.


We understand that many barriers may hinder aspiring indoor urban farmers. Whether it is limited space or resources, the up-front costs of a secure facility, the need for discretion, or simply a lack of how to grow, GrowSpace Storage provides resources and a supportive community to help people realize their dreams of having a green thumb.


Our Mission

GrowSpace Storage™ is dedicated to a secure, environmentally friendly, sustainable way to grow indoors. We are a community catalyst to help people grow their own organic food, medicine or recreational crops.


4985 Colorado Boulevard

(two blocks north of I-70)

PH – 888 733 5736