21st Century Urban Cultivation Technology

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02 Jan 21st Century Urban Cultivation Technology

Across the world, we need to respond to the demands of population growth, unstable food production, and the scarcity of land to grow.

Advances in technology have allowed for agriculture to be grown successfully using methods and locations that were traditionally unavailable. Urban cultivation can be found on tops of buildings, in shipping containers, and in specialized storage pods like those at GrowSpace™ Storage.

How can crops be grown efficiently? Technological advances allow for more cost effective LED lighting, hydroponics systems, and software that allows for automation.

  • LED Lights

LED lights are replacing the energy hungry traditional grow lights. LEDs provide the plants with the proper spectrum for optimal growth at a fraction of the energy cost of traditional lights. And get this…at Grow Space Storage, they can be controlled by an app on your iPhone!

  • Hydroponics

The advancements in hydroponic growing systems are downright incredible! The technology of these systems allow for a higher yield in crops with the use of less water and less fertilizer. As a matter of fact, some of these systems don’t even require soil! All you need are LED lights (or sunlight), a little oxygen, and some CO2..

  • Automation

Lighting, watering and fertilization is capable of being automated! Software and “apps” now makes it possible to automate the climate, lighting, and irrigation systems. And if your plants happen to be fans of music—and studies show they are—you can pipe in that mix tape you still have from prom night to help your crop become bountiful.

GrowSpace Storage is excited to be part of the urban cultivation revolution, and in our own way pushing the boundaries of technology so that communities can benefit from locally produced crops.


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